Letterpress Printing & Design

Letterpress celebrates the craft and historic roots of printing where perfection is seen and felt through the beauty of deeply embossed fonts, the charm of handmade variance, and the warmth of richly textured papers.


When holding a custom Letterpress piece, those extra moments spent caressing the paper and the impressions of the text, send a visceral response saying, “Yes!  I want this," or "Yes! I want to go."  Recipients genuinely sense your desire for their company, and love the wonder in receiving a heart felt message which communicates with touch.


I’m happiest crafting a wedding invitation for a new couple, a birth announcement for a new member of the tribe, or a box of thank you cards for honored friends and family.  Please contact me for a custom design & printing quote or pricing on my standard designs set in the text of your choice.

To view my letterpress wedding invitations design portfolio:


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