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J. Traczyk Letterpress & Design crafts distinctly modern printed works using the letterpress process.  Letterpress provides an intriguing alternative to mass-produced, glossy uniformity.  Even modern minimalist designs benefit from the handmade character letterpress delivers to a design.  It can magically turn a good design into a great one.


We work with ad agencies, designers, marketers, manufacturers, retailers, creative individuals, and even other printers.  Our well-equipped shop specializes in finding creative solutions for difficult print projects. And we’re always available for free advice on fine-tuning your design for the letterpress process.



Because each project is unique, we prefer to provide custom pricing for each project.  We are always happy to estimate your project cost based on preliminary artwork.  It can be useful to contact us before the design is complete, so we can provide pointers for the best printing options.  To begin, please e-mail us, or call us at (539) 664-0323.


For the most accurate results, please follow this checklist when requesting pricing your project:


Quantity needed

Number of ink colors

Trim dimensions

Finishing services needed, such as scoring, perforating, corner rounding or grommeting

Preferred paper stock or weight

Date needed

Art Setup


It’s easy to set up files for letterpress printing. It’s generally no different than setup for offset printing. Here are a few key pointers to remember:


Font Sizes


Minimum font size is 6pt, and a minimum line weight is .25pt or .003".




Please convert all text to outlines.


File Formats


Accepted file formats include .PDF, .AI, .INDD, and .TIFF


Solids and Halftones


Most letterpress artwork you see is printed as a solid.  Letterpress can also print halftones, just like an offset press.  The only difference is that we prefer to use a wider line screen to avoid over-inking.  85 lpi works best.  The actual halftones are generated when we print your artwork to film. This affect can be used to achieve different color densities on a one-color print, or to print photograph.  Four-color process is also possible, with very interesting results.


Die Lines


For die cutting, please include your die lines as a blue outline, registered with your print artwork.


For additional help, please call us at +1 (539) 664-0323 for free advice.


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